My Funeral. September 28, 2015.

September 28, 2015.

I don’t know how many of you watched the most recent video, the one about the effects of cancer on my family, if you haven’t please take a moment to. I cry every time I watch it, I know I already told you guys but I feel like I want elaborate on the reason behind the tears. To be honest, I cry because I feel like I am watching my funeral from the outside. The nice words, the emotions, the pictures and memories that make me reminiscence on the amazing life I’ve had, and the way cancer has really had an effect on my family more than I even knew. I sat there and could envision their lives if I wasn’t there. I could picture myself like in a cheesy movie where I am walking around at the funeral as a spirit, watching everything and everyone. But I didn’t cry because I got a glimpse of being dead, I cried because I was so grateful to God that I was sitting there, in the flesh, watching this lovely video with my family and that I wasn’t a spirit hovering above in a white haze.

A lot of people don’t get that, I imagined how heart-broken I would be if I didn’t get the chance to hear what my family had to say, or reminisce on old stories with them. So with that I was challenged, no one should pass away without knowing these things. Just because I am the one with Cancer doesn’t mean my day is coming any sooner or later than the next person, we don’t know how much time we have or how much time our loved ones have. So what makes us wait until that day? What makes us hold in the emotion, the stories, and the love until we are wearing black, standing over a grave? Why don’t we tell each other what we admire about them, or what our favorite trait of theirs is? Don’t rob each other of the chance to hear these things before your time comes. If that means you have to shoot them a text everyday or say something the moment you think it, then do it! Instead of looking at your daughter and saying to yourself, “Wow her hair looks extra beautiful today.” or hanging out with your Grandpa and thinking, “I really appreciate how generous he is, I mean he never hesitates to help us financially.” ┬áTELL THEM. That’s my challenge to you, tomorrow spend the extra minutes, step outside of the comfort zone of your own mind and tell 3 loved ones┬ásomething that you want them to know before they die.

Oh and I started classes today! I’m not fully recovered but, life doesn’t pause and wait for you while you have cancer, it keeps going and I’m not going to let it pass me by!