Planning My Funeral.

I’ve been having kind of a “dry” couple of weeks. And by dry, if I’m honest, I mean I’ve been trying to ignore God. I’ve been staying distracted and really kind of lazy. Spiritually I haven’t wanted to grow, or be convicted, or put in the effort with God. I’ve been hiding behind the simple […]

My Last Birthday.

“What do you want for your birthday?” It’s a normal question to ask someone, and usually I have a quick fire answer as I have a running list in my brain of all the things I’d want. This year the question seemed impossible to answer. Not because there wasn’t anything I wanted, sure I could […]

What’s Next???

I’ve been a little MIA lately so I know a lot of you are begging for an update! Well, the update is, the pill isn’t working. I’ve slowly but surely been getting sicker and weaker and my tumors, them nasty tumors, are growing and rearing their ugly heads in new places. Man I hate those […]

The Truth About Being Bald.

“Daddy where’s her hair?” “Hey look, that girl is bald!” “You have a very nice shaped head.” “Well at least there’s no lumps!” “You look like GI Jane” “Mr. Crebbin’s twin!?” So I lost my hair. Most of you know this by now. But I want to share the experience with you, the truth about […]

I’ll Fly Away.

Here I am, 2 weeks post chemo, and so far it’s been pretty okay. I was pretty sick the first week, the second week I felt relatively normal besides some extreme fatigue, and this week, just when I expected it would all be out of my system and I’d be back to “normal” I was […]

Chemo Here We Go.

A few days ago I got a call from my doctors asking me to come in ASAP to start chemotherapy. Chemo. The dreaded poison that I’ve been able to avoid all this time. I barely heard the words as they came through the telephone with urgency. The next few days I prayed, begged God for […]


This is hard. Suffering, pain, death, disease, it’s just hard. The last few weeks I have been able to do some really fun things with my family. No complaints there, only pure joy. But during the best of times, it’s also been the worst of times. I have new tumors, a lot of them. My […]

About Death.

I really love when you guys come up to me and tell me that you read the blog, it helps to see you face to face, it makes it even more real that God is using my story to reach WAY beyond me. Lately the Lord has used so many of you to bless me […]

Tumor Flashbacks.

It’s been a very difficult past two days. As you all know, or most of you, I received my first dose of TCells last week. This is great news because they are actually floating around inside of me now! The infusion made me pretty sick and put me out for a good 3 days, hopefully […]