Praising Him through Frustration?

God is amazing. Seriously though, He constantly baffles me in His goodness and I am always reminded that when He says, “Ask and you shall receive” He means it! Not in a genie way, don’t read this and then pray for a Mustang expecting that it will POOF! into your garage. Two examples stick out […]

I Should Be Sleeping.

I should be sleeping. I should be curled up next to my husband in my own bed, my freezing toes toes tucked underneath his warm legs. I should be home, I should be doing wife things and thinking about what I’ll make for breakfast or who I’ll have coffee with. I should be sleeping, but […]

You’re Going to Be Sad.

“Why?” “But why? I don’t get it?” “It doesn’t make sense.” “I just don’t understand? What the heck!?” “That wasn’t enough time!” Many of you will say something along these lines when you see this post, and I want you to know that I said the some thing. Before I explain to you why you […]

Skater Girl Problems.

I listened to a really good talk by this woman, I wish I could remember her name to give her credit but…oops. Anyway she talked about this concept that purpose drives contentment. She starts out by talking about Pinterest, which automatically grabs my attention because I LOVE Pinterest. She talks about the joy in creating […]

Crying Over Burnt Chicken.

I bawled my eyes out yesterday, I’m talking guttural cry, swollen eyes, deep gasps type of cry. What was I crying about? Burnt Chicken. I read this cooking blog that said you aren’t a real housewife until you know how to cook a whole chicken. So I went out and bought my first whole chicken, […]

The Lie of UGLY.

I’ve only had a guttural cry 3 times since surgery. Let me rewind though. Surgery went well, the surgeon told me that they cut out all the cancer they could see, and, “There was a lot of it all clumped up in there.” It took closer to 7 hours, so my prediction was close! I […]


3 days. 3 days until life as I know it changes again. A neck dissection is my next venture. My first surgery was a radical neck dissection and this one will be similar. The goal is to leave everything be except the tumors, but since I had radiation first it’s hard to know how ugly […]

Surgery… I Hate that Word.

I haven’t cried that much in the last week, I’ve wanted too. Oh yeah I’ve wanted to just let all the emotion out, but it hurts right now. Like physically. Why you ask? Because two days after my CT scan last week I woke up to this throbbing pain in my neck. The tumor under […]

Waiting Again, UGH.

Hello my blog-reading friends! Well as most of you know, or have heard, I had to go to Seattle earlier this week. I think I have the traveler’s curse, seriously, or God really wants me to learn a lesson that I’m just totally missing! I booked a train ticket to go from Salem to Seattle […]

Why Should I Fight to Live Anymore?

This round of radiation has been…a thousand times better than last time! Praise God! I was kind of waiting for that awful moment where I wake up with hot skin melting off my neck, and here we are nearly a month later and the worst of the worst was some crispy peeling! Ew. Using those […]